Flame Retardan ABS Pellet

Jinlida flame retardant ABS pellets with high impact modification, easy processing, flame retardant performance to V0 level, meets the EU ROHS environmental protection, the products are widely used in wire socket shell, communication device shell, washing machine air conditioning accessories, household appliances shell Body accessories and so on.


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Product performance

†Flame retardancy: an excellent flame resistance and meets the level of UL94-V0.

Shock resistance: a high impact property to make the product become strong and durable.

†Easy processing: the processing performance is basically same as ABS material.

Environmental protection: meets the EU ROHS environmental directive by an international third party testing.

Withstanding voltage: a resistance of breakdown voltage and the index of resistance to leakage trace can up to 600V.

Can be customized: can be customized according to the different requirements of customers.

Product properties parameters

Performance/Material Test Conditions Test Methods Unit Test value
Flame retardant UL94 Class V-0
Tensile Strength 50 mm/min ASTM D638 Mpa 35
Elongation at break 50 mm/min ASTM D638 % 18
Bending modulus 15 mm/min ASTM D790 Mpa 2100
IZOD impact strength 23 ℃ ASTM D256 J/m 80
hardness Shore Hardness ASTM D2240 D 78
Heat distortion temperature 5 kg ASTM D648 68
Vicat softening point 5 kg,50 ℃/h ASTM D1525 82
Environmental protection ROHS Environmental protection
Glowing wire 750 ℃ IEC60695 / Not burning


Product Usage

Products are widely used in: wire socket shell, communication device shell, washing machine and air conditioning accessories, household electric appliances accessories and so on.

Product processing guidance

1、Machining process

  • Injection molding machine+PP cleaning
  • Temperature up to about 170 ℃
  • Add flame retardantPVC/ABS
  • After processing is completed, then PP cleaning screw, mold with a cloth to wipe clean, spray rust agent

2、Processing technology reference

  • Flame-retardant ABS alloy need to be dried before processing, the general dry conditions: 70-90 ℃, 2-4 hours (without drying of the production if manufactured not more than 20 days).
  • Avoid contacting with the resin dust or debris during the production and operation, the plastic melt can’t be stayed in the heating tube for a long time during an injection cycle, the residence time depends on the size of the pipe, the amount of storage and the material temperature generally. In general, the tube temperature should below 180 ℃ and the retention time should not more than 30 minutes.
  • †The proposed processing temperature on the nozzle parts should be 70℃-175℃, and the back parts should drop off 5℃ each area. The specific temperature can be adjusted according to the actual processing conditions to set the processing temperature do not be raised at one step. It is recommended that the temperature would rise slowly from 160 ℃ and should be as low as possible with a premise of molding.


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